2000-01-01 - 01:27:03

Yeah. Y2K my ass!

So, we spent a nice evening together getting pleasantly drunk, watching the festivities from other cities. We saw the usual NBC crowd, Katie, Tom, Ann(e?).

At 11:30 I badgered Jenny into going out to the beach, so we "wouldn't miss anything". You mean freezing your ass off on the beach until the fireworks start is would have been missing something? Eh, rather anti-climatic. Sorry Jenny.

I just have one thing to say: All you assholes with the semi-autos, why don't you just shove 'em up your ass and pull the trigger!

What fucking idiocy! Hello!? You're in a major city, there are thousands of people all around you. Bullets have to come down somewhere.

On the bright side, the champagne was good, though I guess the Frenchies wouldn't allow us to call it champagne since it was from California. Best champagne I've ever bought. Chandon. Not Moet et Chandon, just Chandon. The only other champagne that I've ever had that was good was a bottle that my friend Harry bought once on the way to a ... surprisingly...New Year's eve party. I guess he was feeling extravagant. It was a $30 bottle. I don't remember what it was, just that I was amazed that he spent that much on it. I woulda settled for a six of Special Export. We got to the party and he poured it into a couple of those big plastic beer cups they always have at keggers. It was good!

I made a nice little dinner tonight. I tried to make Swedish meatballs. I got inspired yesterday when we had dinner at IKEA. They were pretty good, but I wouldn't call 'em authentic. Jenny liked 'em, and that's all that matters to me. You see, I do most of the cooking around here. Mostly because I make it a point to. I like to cook, I guess you could tell if you saw me. But seriously, I really do like to cook, and generally mess about in the kitchen. I get home from work, turn on NPR, and set to cookin'. It's relaxing, sort of. I listen to the news, and cook and clean. Plus we have a pretty nice kitchen to work in. Best I've ever been in, 'cept for the actual appliances, which are mediocre.Don't buy Fridgidaire. Oh lord, I could go on about cooking, and all kinds of philosophy about cooking and whatnot, but hey, that'd bore ya.

I tell you one thing though, Junior loves the meatballs. He's absolutely apeshit about 'em. He just begged a couple bites off my meatball sandwich.

Oh yeah, I'm writing this on my IBM ThinkPad. Too lazy to configure the Linux machine. This is an unmodified for Y2K, plain vanilla win95 system. Date and time says Jan 1, 2000. God-damn this whole Y2K scare thing just makes my blood boil.

Well, I wish you and yours a happy new year.

Here's my wish for the new millennium: Corporate America, and multinationals based here realize that it is in their own best interests and the interests on the entire planet that they protect their workers from occupational hazards, pay a decent wage that has equity throughout the world, and be aware of and protect the environment in their manufacturing processes, and pressure their colleagues and competitors to act the same way.

Damn, too much champagne. I hope I don't hurl.



So, how do you like them apples?

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